Painting interior walls is a comparatively inexpensive way to dramatically change the look and feel of your home with colour, for a beautiful end result.

Easy going with ecological paint

Such as Chalk- and Lime paint: 100% mineral with natural pigments. I would like to encourage everyone to be more conscious with ‘mother nature’, especially when it is that easy!

Working as an interior designer, I am very happy with the brands: Mia Colore and Oxido.

These ecological water based products have different paints and a very good coverage.


Let’s list some different paints and techniques

Chalk based paint is often confused with lime paint. These are two completely different types of paint. Lime paint is rougher, more nuanced, and looks uneven. Chalk-based paint, on the other hand, is even in colour and has a matte velvety look.

Both are colourfast, an excellent coverage, easy to clean and simple to maintain.



Lime paint – is one of the oldest and most traditional paints which was far BC originated. Lime is a natural mineral product which has been used for many buildings and monuments.

Particularly well suited for slightly damp in the wall.

Ideal paints to give your interior a unique & warm appearance!

Colours have a strong effect on your interior. Combining dark and lighter colours can give great visual changes. There are several ways to let a wall (or ceiling) look higher or lower; and a room look wider or narrower. You can create connections or just a separation.

Brightness of Gold makes you happy? Well, Ochre and Gold shades are one of THE colours of 2016. Also Copper, Pink and Green.

The finish of your paint, or sheen, can have a major impact on your walls. Gloss, satin, egg shell – with these options comes many considerations.

So why not making an appropriately informed choice for our environment; at the same time benefit the most beautiful paints for your walls, doors, floors; even furniture!

For each type of home there are different special wall finishes that are never boring.

What about the Oxido water based paint what changes in real rust?


And not to forget to mention the Sempre! : a special technique with a huge sheer charisma what knows how to emphasize the rich Venetian stucco walls.

Are you ready to paint your home with an updated look?

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Get to know different paintings and techniques; you’ll learn to make your furniture look like a unique work of art. The process is simple and quite fun.


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